Egypte-RDC (2-0)/Tisserand : « Il nous a manqué un peu de chance que nous avons provoqué pourtant »

Les Léopards de la République Démocratique du Congo (RDC) se sont inclinés (0-2) pour leur 2ème sortie à la 32ème édition de la Coupe d’Afrique des Nations. C’était devant les Pharaons d’Egypte dans un stade International du Caire acquis à leur cause.

Si contre l’Ouganda, les Fauves Congolais ont été méconnaissables, par contre lors de ce 2ème match devant le pays organisateur, ils auront tout tenter pour le bousculer mais ont buté devant une bonne défense et ont joué de la malchance en touchant à deux reprises la barre transversale égyptien.

Ce qui est certain maintenant, les Léopards sont au bord d’une élimination prématurée comme en 2004 en Tunisie. Pour éviter cela en théorie, il faudra commencer à battre le Zimbabwe par au moins quatre buts d’écart pour effacer la différence de buts très défavorables et maintenant espérer qu’une autre sélection ne fasse pas mieux parmi les 3èmes des autres sélections.

« La qualification est compromise mais tant qu’il y a de l’espoir, nous allons nous battre jusqu’au bout. Nous avons un match de qualité malgré la défaite. Nous avons proposé quelque chose de bien meilleur que lors du premier match. Nous sommes déçus parce que nous pensons que nous aurions pu faire quelque de mieux. Parfois le football est ce qu’il est. Nous avons touché plusieurs le montant mais nous n’avons pas été récompensés. Il nous a manqué un peu de chance que nous avons provoqué pourtant », a déclaré à FOOT.CD, Marcel Tisserand, le défenseur de Wolfsbourg (Allemagne).

Michel TOBO (Envoyé Spécial en Egypte)



FOOT.CD est la référence de l'actualité du football en RDC

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    the dude they took at 16). Moreover, Dunn showed very
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    And they are a separate organization. That Planned Parenthood
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    it really just more of a concept) according to
    which a native population in a given territory is being replaced on a large scale by
    a foreign population from another territory, over the course of a few generations
    (2 3).While this theory encapsulate most of the xenophobic
    fears and group identity concerns found in right wing political circles all
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    But as a concept it is something that would definitely
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    conspiracies about european genocide (the
    Kalergi Plan, which is crazy and doesn need further debunking
    and was discussed here at least once) and good old fashioned elite/jewish/shadowy cabal involvement, I would like it if this reddit would take the time
    to discuss and maybe debunk the base core of this theory.The ontological basis for the Great Replacement are observable demographic changes
    and movements: population decline in one place, demographic growth in another place, and an influx of population between the two.

    This is what, I think, needs debunking.Is this a real phenomenon?
    Is the context of irreversible population decline in some european countries, coupled with massive/uncontrolled migration movement from
    the south, resulting in a trend that will have for outcome the replacement of
    the native population?In my opinion, I will say that demographic projections are not
    reliable beyond a very short point (4 5 years?) because they are
    dependent on changing contexts (war and stability for instance, economics), and so we cannot base long term
    or even mid term trends on them.Another thing is that while there definitely some
    truth to the concept of Great Replacement (there is something like a demographic decline in Europe (Link to UN projection and propositions) and there is a population boom in Africa and there is an influx of migrants that
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    TL;DR of it is someone posted on 4chan named Q, who claims to work
    with Trump, saying Trump is causing all this controversy with his legal stuff so that people focus on that while the real FBI or whatever is investigating the truth about
    Hillary, Podesta, and the NWO. Trump will come out with the whole story
    soon. They believe this person is telling the truth because Q once posted
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    They can’t blame a high unemployment rate as it is the lowest in state history.
    So what is it? For being such a liberal state (meaning
    a strong moral belief in equality among peoples) I’m assuming my white sounding name has nothing to do with my lack of
    job opportunities here. But maybe thats something an equal rights
    attorney should investigate.If you want to work fast food, there seems to be
    a job opening on every street corner.

    Sexy Bikini Swimsuit Shoot any of us a DM if
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    And one of the things we have to ask is if there is another
    family member who can help. And the amount of times I heard
    that « my children don help me » was astounding.
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    an entire floor on Lever.Only ones I really knew well were G Hop, Mike Williams, Vic
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    weirdos creepy weirdos, that would like really improve my life
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    Bathing Suits This is normal and temporary. If you are of advanced age, have naturally very yellow teeth, or pervasive staining, you need to
    moderate your expectations. 1 point submitted 9 months ago.
    I present enough within the binary that bisexual folks are
    normally a safe bet. I didn disclose that I am transgender
    until the first date or later, so I didn attract chasers, or anyone looking for an easy target.

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    that someone with Ebola is only contagious when they are presenting symptoms, exactly
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    Bathing Suits Hey Fred! I agree with all of your points.

    I had always envisioned that we would slowly be introduced to the E10.

    They students just like the first years right? As such they should been fleshed out like actual characters.

    I feel it should be noted that simply because they appear in the list does not mean they were necessarily actually effective.
    Other than in a few cases, he generally does not offer specific insights as to how they are supposed to work, but rather how they are supposed to be created.

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    Bathing Suits He still needs to try though.Also, the SA is pretty much the Cosmere book series,
    so I don think it is strange to think that it will have huge Cosmere implications and eventually
    expand beyond Roshar similar to how we know Mistborn is going to go.I do
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    This = not sleeping very much. 3 days of no sleep is when you start to hallucinate sober.

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    up or asks who, because we all know if they were A team they would have said
    a name. Reminds me of Brooklyn 99s last episode where Jake tries to lie to
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    to defy any rules prohibiting aid to undocumented immigrants.
    Early in his career, Mahony worked with Chavez and chaired the hard
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    laws allowing workers to organize.Mahony stressed that organizers
    of the new mobilization must focus their efforts on Washington.They
    are really distinct efforts Cesar Chavez was trying to
    gain rights for farm workers to get immigrant reform
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    If it doesn’t lead to a vote, then why are we doing it? »But some
    organizers, who are pushing hard for more radical tactics,
    bristle at the comparison with Chavez.Organizer Jesse
    Diaz, a doctoral candidate at University of California, Riverside, said Chavez rejected an early
    immigrants rights movement, denouncing the bracero program that would have brought immigrant workers from Mexico
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    unionization.I don’t see a connection here, » he said.
    There is a whole other lineage that goes back to (activist) Bert Corona. »The biggest
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    In Los Angeles, the number of local Spanish language news broadcasts outstrip English language broadcasts
    and Latino politicians are now a powerhouse.One undeniable legacy is Christine Chavez, the granddaughter of Cesar Chavez, now vying for a
    seat in the 45th Assembly District.On Thursday, a day before what would have been her grandfather’s 79th birthday, she held a workshop at an Eagle Rock charter
    high school on the legacy of the farm worker movement.What are some of our social justice movements? » she asked a class
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    Ron Claiborne, ABC news, new York. Both teams finished 2 1.
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    villain Archie Mitchell on Christmas Day last year.Ronnie, Janine, Peggy, Phil and Bradley are the all
    in the frame, but will this match up to previous whodunit soap storylines?Here are ten of the best
    previous small screen whodunits.Who shot JR? DallasProbably the most famous and most successful whodunit.

    Around 21.5 million British viewers watched loathed oil baron JR Ewing gunned down in the
    American soap Dallas in March 1980.Prime suspect was his long suffering alcoholic wife, Sue Ellen.
    Her lover Dusty was also in the frame.Second favourite to have pulled the trigger was
    Kristen Shepard, Sue Ellen’s devious sister and JR’s
    lover.JR’s mother Miss Ellie and his brother, Bobby, were also suspects,
    along with business rivals Cliff Barnes, Vaughan Leland and Marilee
    Stone, whose husband Seth had committed suicide because of JR.VERDICT: Kristen shot JR.Who shot
    Phil Mitchell? EastEndersShowing no shame in being, ahem, « inspired » by this ratings winning plot, Enders came up with its biggest and most successful whodunit 21 years after JR survived a bullet.On March 1, 2001, a
    drunken Phil Mitchell was gunned down on the steps of his house on the night of Steve and
    Mel’s wedding.The ruthless thug was despised by most of
    Walford, but his ex Lisa Fowler, Mark Fowler, Steve Owen, Dan Sullivan and Ian Beale The Squeal were the prime suspects.VERDICT:
    Lisa shot Phil.Who killed Tom King? EmmerdaleShowing that the
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    Day 2006, also the day of his wedding.He was bludgeoned over the head and then pushed out of a first floor window yep, that should
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    Chastity Dingle, Tom’s new bride Rosemary, her son Grayson, Len Reynolds and Terry Woods.This was later
    narrowed down to just Jimmy, Matthew, Carl, Chastity and Jamie, as seen above.VERDICT:
    Carl killed his father Tom.Who sent the Hillman cards?
    Coronation StreetPerhaps not as spectacular as the other whodunits, this was
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    Overall that was a huge film and won multiple Oscars, BAFTA,
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    Bathing Suits The weapon upgrade system feels like a mess. U/therandomaccountant and u/alunoir touched on a lot of what I feel.
    In and of itself, I be all for upgrading weapons.
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    beach dresses Thanks.Sorry about this. The full rules are listed at the link
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    Then youll need to manipulate The Data and perform Actions on it.

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    But when he his son off that ramp, his son was in no way prepared to actuall skate off that ramp.
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    The only difference is, you can have a unique drawing every frame (« shooting on ones ») or every other frame (« shooting on twos).Akira is pretty unique in that it was shot entirely on ones (the only other 2D feature shot entirely on ones that I can think of is Richard Williams The Thief and the Cobbler).Miyazaki films are mostly on twos, switching over to ones for smoother motion during fast paced shots. Which is exactly the same as practically every other 2D animation, including the Disney classics.But even something like Speed Racer, which is often on fours (!), is still 24 frames per second.orcrist 41 points submitted 3 days agoSex God is part of the meme. Basically, because he not a particularly attractive dude, and because literally everyone on this sub and on HLTV is at least a little bit gay (thanks dev1ce), players get judged on how they look.

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    This subreddit is for talking about Discord as a product, service or brand that do not break Discord Terms of Service or
    Guidelines. Questions about other services, bots, or servers should be directed at their specific support channels.
    It not about how long it takes to scroll through the list.

    Tankini Swimwear I so nervous about this, but it also a
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    Ritter has informed me that we have a quorum. I direct your
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    As the star player prepares for a European Cup final with
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    Exactly the kind of kinky burning sensation she dig.Wonder what would cause a man to go mad with lust, though.
    Tuberose? Something we don have here?OH GODS THE FORESHADOWING RUN SHIREEN RUN »She in a good mood » instantly
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